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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Inspiration for SD3: Remake

In terms of how this project will develop I wanted to flesh-out the possible development routes it could take covering both the development platform and the appearance of the remake.


The following is a list of possible appearances the remake could have.

  • Standard port Similar to Final Fantasy 4/5/6 on the Playstation and Game Boy Advance (Pros: Graphics already exist, Cons: Nothing new gameplay wise, might as well play the original)
  • Standard port+ Using the second Nintendo DS screen for maps and menus similar to Chrono Trigger on Nintendo DS (Pros: Graphics already exist, extra UI development to use the additional screen Cons: Nothing new gameplay wise)
  • Standard port++ A rotating overhead camera similar to Dragon Quest 4/5 on the Nintendo DS (Pros: Graphics already exist, Minimal 3d development, slight innovation on the original game)
  • Enhanced Remake A full graphical overhaul of a standard on par with Final Fantasy 3/4 or Golden Sun: Dark Dawn both on the Nintendo DS (Pros: Improve Low-poly modelling skills, innovation on the original game while still retaining the feel of the top down original Cons: a lot of time spent of 3d modeling)
  • Enhanced Remake HD A full graphical overhaul of a standard on par with Dragon Quest 5 on PS2 or Chrono Ressurection (Pros: Will look amazing Cons: huge amount of time spent on 3d modelling, as well as writing shaders and setting up lighting)


The following is a list of possible development platforms the remake could have.

  • Microsoft XNA Framework Using C# to develop the game for PC and Xbox 360. (Pros: fast development on a solid, well documented architecture, Cons: Doesn’t fit in with a lot of the Nintendo DS ideas I have for the game)
  • Homebrew Nintendo DS Development Using C++ to develop the game for Nintendo DS. I’ve previously started experimenting with dev kit pro using the this great starting point (Pros: Preferred platform for realising my idea, great platform to cut my teeth on Cons: Steep learning curve, C++ is harder to work with than C#, less resources/documentation afaik, Enhanced Remake HD would not be possible)


Unfortunately I have very little experience with audio, so my options are limited to using the original mono audio, using the soundtrack or asking for assistance.