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Development Decisions


Enhanced Remake I’ve chosen this path as I believe it allows me practice my 3d modelling skills without setting exceedingly high expectations on the quality of the demo. I avoided the lazy port option as from the outset “Improving my 3d modelling skills” was a goal of the project.


Microsoft XNA Framework I’ve carefully chosen this development environment as I believe it will yield the best results. Although I am pitching the appearance of the game at a relatively low level, I feel it would be prohibitive to have to work with limited resources, with optimised models that require several iterations to get them running on the DS. I think the development process would be sped up by having slightly higher-poly models running with ample resources than having to rework the models for the limited resources of the DS.

I think the XNA Framework is a slightly more welcoming development environment, as well as not having to work with the constant memory and resource management of the DS.


To familiarise myself with the audio for the game, I’ve been listening to the OST (downloaded here)


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