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Choosing a WebGL framework

Having skimmed past the deprecated Google o3d, I’ve taken a good look at scenejs, three and glge as potential frameworks.

Scene is primarily used for creating 3d scenes and uses the JSON data format for all its 3d data, which is great for parsing the 3d data super fast. But I don’t think it’s aimed at games.

I honestly didn’t spend too much time with three, but did find a couple of great reads concerning three and other WebGL frameworks here, as well as a comparison of the three (below):

three vs scene vs glge

Anyway, I went with GLGE. It has great examples, great documentation and uses an easy to use xml based scene graph as well as an easy to learn code base.

Here’s a couple of good starting points for glge:

Additionally, here’s a handy tool for inspecting a WebGL app, used in a similar fashion to inspecting a website with Firebug. (for chrome):

Also here’s something special to aim for – a port of Quake II right in the browser. (


One response to “Choosing a WebGL framework

  1. Lindsay Kaysay August 16, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    Hi, yes that’s right, SceneJS is not specifically targeted at games, which is not to say it couldn’t be used for them, just that visualisations of complex models for engineering/medicine/data visualisation was really what’s in mind. It’s therefore geared towards performance with high numbers of individually manipulated objects, with less emphasis on things like reflections, shadows etc. The JSON API is designed to couple neatly with content pipelines for that sort of thing as well.

    BTW. those OHLOH stats seem to be for an older branch of the source code. We’re now at 2.0, pushing for a leaner and much faster version of the engine – find it at github:

    I’m also working on the new wiki for V2.0 there as well:


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