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Android Phone

Pick up a cheap Android phone today – I’ll hopefully begin development on an Android game/app as soon as I have some free time.



I’ve started working with a great framework, libgdx. I intially started looking for a framework to allow me to get around having to work without an Android emulator.

This framework provides this and allows a write once deploy anywhere approach to app development.

It also has a great implementation of the box2d physics engine as well obj and MD2 model support.

This fantastic library can be found below:


OpenGL for Android

3d graphics programming is hard. But I do have experience with DirectX with C++ and C#, and I have a good grounding on the principles of the rendering pipeline as well as the maths involved in 3d programming. (vectors, radians, etc) With this knowledge I’m jumping in the deep end with Open GL.

I’ve been following these tutorials: on the Jayway website.

The tutorials are detailed, have great diagrams and explain everything really well – they’re pretty much ports of the beginner tutorials from NeHe but the extra explaination and diagrams go along way to making a complicated subject accessible.

The major drawback of working in Android, (if you don’t have an Android phone) is that the emulator takes a long while to load up, and you have to do this everythime you build your app.

Getting Started with Android

With a little free time I wanted to take a look at Android development. Having not touched Java in a few years I was surprised how easily it all came back and had a hello world program running in no time. The documentation on Google is great and I particularly like the way they use xml as a manifest – this has great potential for localising games if, say, I wanted to seperate the text from the logic, and then develop my app in multiple languages.